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Call us today to get the details about our next wine tasting event in Cedar Rapids, IA

Don't want to take a chance on an entire bottle of wine, whiskey or 6 pack of beer? Our tasting events give you the chance to explore new items, expand your taste profile and learn some interesting facts along the way. We feel these events offer great experiences for our customers and we commit to hosting an event each month.

Call us today to get the details about our next tasting event in Cedar Rapids, IA.

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No sign up required, just come and enjoy. Our tastings are held the 2nd Friday of every month from 5-7pm as you're settling into the weekend. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for event announcements and reminders

Upcoming Tastings

February 8th, 4:30-6:30pm

Tasting with Fireside/Ackerman Winery will be here to taste out their Lover's and Sweetheart wines just in time for Valentine's Day. Along with these sweeter reds, we will also be sampling ciders and other exceptional products from the local winery #buylocal

February 9th 5-7 pm

We will be doing our Monthly Tasting with a variety of Valentine- themed libations, including wine, beer and spirits. Come out and find a new favorite to add to your repertoire:)