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Our staff members are very knowledgeable and can help guide you in finding unique wines that fit your taste profile. As a staff, we have tasted and hand selected many of the wines on our shelves. We have been very thoughtful to provide a wide-range of varietals along with varying price points to suit any budget . Together with our local wine distributors, we have curated a unique and broad profile of domestic and international wines.

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"Wine is a passport to the world" - Thom Elkjer

We truly believe this and that is what makes wine so special. It's uniqueness to the land, soil, and environment (terroir) along with the passion from each wine-maker, makes every bottle a representation of a specific geographic. So whether you want to take a trip to France, Italy, Spain, or travel to the West Coast, or possibly road trip here in Iowa....we have a wine to take you there.

  • French wines
  • Italian wines
  • Spanish wines
  • Australia and New Zealand wines
  • Chilean Wines
  • California
  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • Cedar Ridge (local)
  • Fireside & Ackerman (local)
  • Wide River Winery (Clinton, IA)

Special Requests
We are happy to search for any of your favorite wines that we currently don't have in our selection. Many of our customers have introduced us to some great wines and we love that relationship building.